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29 January 2012
Colombia, a beautiful country is well known for its emeralds and producing the world’s richest coffee. The country has managed to attract many tourists all over the world. Colombia’s beaches, interesting cities, mountains, food and friendly people provide a pleasant environment for tourist and residents. The country is also know to have only one season all year long since it lies on the equator; however, in the mountains it is possible to see snow because of its high altitudes. Regardless of the time there are different things to do during the day and night but in the end they tie together to result in wonderful experience. One of the most overly visited places because of the weather is the beaches along the coast of Colombia. Cartagena is one of those cities on the coast. Most people take advantage of the nice summer weather and spend their time on the beach. The white sandy beach is usually covered with many children, teenagers and adults playing in the soft sand and taking in the heat from the sun. However, most people spend their time in the clear blue waters refreshing themselves from the heat. The crowds on the beach during the day decrease because of the heat, meanwhile at night everyone has had time to cool off from the sun and they’re ready to continue to enjoy the beach. Going for long walks on the beach are easier without the overwhelming heat. The noise along the shore decreases and the noise of waves crashing onto the shore fill your ears along with the cool freeze from the ocean. At any time of the day, restaurants stay open past mid-night to satisfy the big demand of hungry customers. There are usually small attractions such as a Ferris wheel and small roller coasters opened all day to the public. During any hour it is easy to find entertainment on the beach. The mountains and farms in Colombia is a great escape from the city and other heavy populated places. The calm and peaceful environment last all day long. Early in the morning is the best time to go fishing in the rivers that run along in the mountains or farms. Colombia has many rivers people enjoy doing things such as swimming and going canoeing depending on the river. Outdoor sports are played, riding a horse or even exploring the mountains can be done for entertainment. It’s even possibly to find fresh fruits in the fields. Afterwards, as the sun beginnings to go down small gatherings are held in a town nearby. At night a small horse parade is held where everyone one brings their horses to show off. One of the most traditional things sold are arepas. Arepas is a type of bread made out of corn dough made in a circular flat shape. Hot Chocolate, coffee and other beverages or foods are sold to keep warm as everyone socializes with one another. This is a good way to end the night. Bogota and Cali are some of the biggest cities in Colombia. Even though the city is big, the streets are