Essay on Colombia: Landform and Mountains

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Mountains are large landforms stretches above surrounding land in limited areas. Mountains are geographic features that can help us positively and negatively in the development of our country, regions and our nation. The mountain that I will be talking about is located in India. The other Mountain I will be talking about is located in Greece. Mountain of India played a role in forming their country. The ancient Indians believe that the mountains in India are magical, since the India believing more than one god that’s probably why they have names for all mountains after their gods. Mountains had positive and negative to it. Negative part to having mountains is when the earthquake hits India that will affect people who lives in small village in nearby the mountain. The mountains of Greece played a key role in their city-states. Greece Mountain helps them in defending their country when the enemies tried to attack. In order for the enemies to come in to Greece they had climb over the mountain. By the time the enemies climb the mountain half of the soldier would have died in the motion of climbing and crossing the mountain , also the climate was very cold good also when the soldier `we’re climbing it the mountain it got very cold as they go higher and higher. The mountain in Greece also had an negative affect towards their development of a unified society. Mountains in Greece made it hard to have plantation since, the mountain used…