Colonial America Essay

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Colonial America
History is a very important aspect of our lives. It is essential to individuals and to society. It focuses attention on the complex processes of social changes, including factors that are causing changes around us. One should know about the people, their origin and ideas; their impact on society, the trade and diseases that affected us. It helps us understand people, how they change, how the society we live in came to be and how these changes impacted our lives. The history of the United States of America has come a long way, since 1607 to 1865. Throughout these years there have been many significant events that have shaped this country today and impacted on our lives. Today, many people see America as the land of opportunity and wealth. The Americas has been The Americas for about 35,000 year but 35,000 year ago no knew about it, until a group of men from across the other side of the world came and point out the bountiful land. Even though no one knew about this place, still there were people living there and they have been doing so for generations. After a lot of struggles, battles, pain and conflicts, the land became The United States of America.
The United States of America is a place filled with people and culture from different part of the world. In 1607, a ship filled with English settlers eventually sailed onto the shore of Virginia in North America. While the English men were colonizing they met a near-by Indian tribe, who wanted peace. The leader of the Indians became the preserver of peace between the settlers and Indians. In 1753 Benjamin Franklin wrote to Peter Collinson to talk about the Indians and how attractive their life was. He said that when an Indian child was taken in taught the culture of the English, they would leave and then roam the country but when an English man or women were taken captive they would learn about the Indian’s culture. After they were released back to the English, they would try to go back to the Indian tribes. This letter leads us to assume that when the English people came to colonize they spread their culture to the Indians and they also learnt some things from the Indians that they might have incorporated in to their culture. This was been the beginning of the American culture. After they were settled, the English men began building their businesses based on the resources they found in North America. European entrepreneurs were unable to find the local Indian laborers who wanted to work so they had to look elsewhere. The English men began using Africans. They would trade resources or buy the African slaves and the slaves would work for English men. When this happened the culture of the Africans were brought to North and South America which lead to the change Americans culture. The Africans living in America had to learn English, become Christians or Catholics, depending on where they went and changed their ways of life, like how they spent their days. After the news spread about how good life was in America, other cultures like Germans and the Irish, began migrating to America to start their new lives.
When the European crossed the Atlantic to get to America, they came with great ideas. One of these ideas was to enslave the African and their descents. They eventually became the oppressive race. In the 15 century, the Portuguese set up trade routes in sub-Saharan when they got to Africa. They then affiliated themselves with the trade system that the Arabs and Africans practiced. The Arabs and Africans kidnap people from the tribal areas of Africa and sell or trade them as salves to rich people. They also traded other recourses like gold, ivory, guns, iron and copper. When the Portuguese moved to The West Indians, they brought the idea of slavery and some slaves. Not everyone make it to the coast to get on the boat, some might have died of a new diseases or malnutrition. Of the people who make it to the boat, 13% died while they were sailing to The West