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Marissa Witt
Mrs. Yarnell
Honors English 11
6 March 2015
A Captivity Narrative
This poem will illustrate the time in history when about one hundred settlers were sent by the Virginia Company to Jamestown, the first British settlement.

In the year 1607,
Virginia Company sent ye hundred settlers to Jamestown.
The first permanent British settlement it was
As the Garden of Eden was to life.
Finally grown it was into the colony of Virginia
The English merchants
Hath expected prosperity wealth from ye venture.
Interest was in surplus of gold,
Finding great fortune and treasures was not.
Colonists grew tobacco for the ships back to England.
Steady economic base for the young settlement,
Tobacco provided in bounty.
1916 was the year,
Colonists formed representative legislature for the first time,
As Jesus hath done with his disciples.
Dubbed it was, the House of Burgesses.
Hath occurred more settlements in the year of 1960.
The pure puritans hath in opposition with,
The Church of England.
Whom took their bodies across the great body of the Atlantic Ocean,
On the mightiest of might ships,
The Mayflower.
Landed in New England hath did they,
To establish the settlement dubbed Plymouth.
Knows as Pilgrims were they,
To come to America,
Seeking for the religious freedom they most dearly prayed for.
Religious freedom hath more importance to economic gain.
Prior to the Pilgrims leaving the ship,
Written was the Mayflower compact,
To provide equal laws in their settlement was the agreement.
Promising to abide by rules for all good.
Just as the 10 commandments acted.
Half of all pilgrims passed throughout the harsh winter of 1620,
They mustered the will to survive,
And Plymouth colony survived and thrived.
Spread out, were settlers to establish,
New Hampshire in the year of 1623.
During the year 1630, thousand Pilgrims aboard ships,
From England in boats for the New World,
For establishment of more strict and religion filled, communities.
Settlement of Boston for example.
Connecticut, also, established in year 1633.
Rhode Island in 1636.
Hath year of 1642, Plymouth hath grown to Massachusetts Bay Colony,
Thriving with twelve thousand inhabitants.
Addition to the farms of families,
Ye small industries