Essay on Colonialism

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3/7/14 Under imperialism, stronger nations attempt to create empires by dominating weaker nations economically, politically, culturally, or military. The reason why this imperialism grew was because of economic factors, nationalist factors, military factors, and humanist factors. There were people who didn't agree with this and there were people who did. The people who disagreed with imperialism were called anti-imperialist. Many people can argue whether imperialism was a pro or con. A pro of imperialism is modern technologies could be brought in. Also, it introduced industrialization in smaller nations, which would boost the economy. Imperialism also introduced the concept of a democratically elected popular government to ensure political stability. Also, education and scientific thinking would be introduced and encouraged In addition, better health care facilities would be provided, mew transportation systems such as rail, road sea and air could be introduced, and new languages, religions and a new way of life could be introduced. The imperialists countries would gain cheap and efficient workforce, it would protect the trade route, it would secure ports and colonies, and food production increased due to better farming methods. Finally, imperialists believed that Hawaii should be a part of the United States, they wanted to get territories to re-supply ships, they believed in the annexation of the Philippine Islands, and they also believed in the open door policy to open the door for other countries. There were also many cons of imperialism. Anti-imperialists said that nations that resisted growth or expansions in their territory led to widespread genocide and ethnic cleansing. Also, new religions were forced upon and native belief was discredited, and most traditional culture and languages were simply wiped away. In addition, natural resources would be exploited, without giving actual due, and labor was discriminated and forced into slavery, and had their basic rights taken away. Other cons of imperialism included it being immoral to take over other countries, it would transform the U.S. into a government based on physical force, having overseas colonies would bring in more immigrants to take more jobs, the