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4. How divided were the colonists over the war? Did the extent of differences surprise you? Explain.

War is almost never something that is popular. From the reading I discovered just how unpopular the Revolutionary War was. I never gave that aspect of this war much thought, but when I finished the reading I realized what it must have been like back then when this war started. From the text we learn that this was not a war for the common people, or even started by the common civilian, it was started by the social elite of the time.

“I imagined my self now in a way of Promotion: if I was killed in Battle, there would be an end of me, but if any Captain was killed, I should rise in Rank, & should still have a Chance to rise higher. These Sir! were the only Motives of my entering into the Service; for as to the Dispute between Great Britain & the Colonies, I know nothing of it. ...”

We learn that most citizens wanted no part of this war, but were eventually even forced into fighting. I was at first very surprised to learn of all the rioting that occurred during wartime, even Washington was weary of letting his men see the rioting in fear of his own men turning against him.

“When eighteen men failed to show up for military duty they were jailed and, in order to be released, had to pledge to fight in the war.”

Before when I thought of the Revolution I always felt a sense that the whole nation was behind it, and the word patriotism always comes to…