Color and Bright White Light Essay

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Prompt 1
My hands were gripped to the steering wheel, tightly it felt like sweat and blisters were forming on my palms. I felt fear rushing through my body and my face was burning. I took a big breath to calm my self down. My head started to hurt with troubling pain as if my mind was remembering the past memories in my head.
I still remember the sound of burning tires when they slam hard on the breaks and screaming woke me up from a nightmare. I was on the ground gasping for air and broken glass in my skin. My sister shouted with fear “Are you okay? Wake up Wake up!” My eyes felt heavy and hard for me to open. The sky went from being blue to pitch black.
A bright white light turned on, a soft voice kept repeating in my head to wake up. I was woken slowly by this lovely voice, my eyes slowly opened. A beautiful woman was next to my right side, my mother. My eyes lid up with glow I was so happy to see her. I asked my mom for my sister, how was she doing, where was she at? She responded and said to calm down, my sister was all right. She was in another room getting some x-rays done. Tears came out of my eyes as I remembered the accident. We were at the light waiting for it to turn green, finally it did we were about to cross when a truck was coming our way speeding ran a red light and slammed into us. Our car just spun in circles. I told my mom I was so scared thought I was never going to see her or the family again. I thought the worst at the moment, I thank god nothing