Color Guard Research Paper

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Color guard is not as easy as everyone thinks it is. It takes commitment and hard work. Little did I know in the fall of 2012, I would become a part of the Winston County High School color guard. I started out thinking color guard would be easy. Instead, I put countless hours of practice on my schedule each day. I spent many afternoons outside repeatedly going over and over my routines. Color guard actually needs to be considered as a sport because of all the work that is put into the routines on the field. My commitment to color guard was because my friends, personal enjoyment, and the ability to maintain my weight. First of all, my friends had a big part in my dedication to color guard. If it was not for them, I probably would not have stuck with color guard. It was my friends who also encouraged me to try out. Three of my friends decided they would try out with me. Each one of them was very encouraging the three years I was in color guard. There was nothing better than hearing the encouraging words of my friends. They always was there for me when I needed a help with a move or the whole routine. Even when I became caption, my friends supported me in every way. My friends and I always made the most out of practice, even when we spent time talking about what …show more content…
There was nothing like being on the home field with the crowd cheering when the band came off the field after an amazing performance. I always got a thrill when coming off the field after a performance. There was no doubt about me being nervous going onto the field. There was a sense of relief when I perfectly caught the flag after each toss. Color guard was always a stress reliever from my academic classes. It helped me get my mind off the worries of the day. I would spend most of my weekend outside spinning the flag and seeing what new move I could come up with. I always enjoyed being able to finally learn a new toss such as the