Color Red In The Good Earth

Words: 1832
Pages: 8

The color red affects traditions in many ways. It is not just the basic red traffic light, which stops daily traffic, but it can be seen in many contexts, like clothing, sports, electronics, and etc. Thus, this is just a regular color that people see in their lives, but it also has a very symbolic meaning to it. This color is usually related to hatred or danger, however on Valentine’s day it symbolizes love. On February 14th of each year, this color is seen in gifts by men and women, or in the decorative parts. Red, a usual color that was first seen in our blood, the color of love and revenge, a color with a history to it, and a color with various guises. It is seen throughout the nation during the New Year’s. During New Year’s this color …show more content…
Buck the significance of the color red is illustrated throughout the book in various religious and family events. In the beginning of this novel the first time that the color red is seen is in Chapter 1 when Wang Lung’s father(the Old Man) buys red paper for the shrinks on Wang Lung’s wedding day. Therefore, this example shows the cultural aspect of the color red in the Chinese culture, and also this color is such a holy color that the shrinks(statues dedicated to Buddhas in China and Japan) are covered with red paper. This compares to the United States because in the United States when someone goes to the church they usually buy a white candle to light in front of the statue of Jesus, as a way to bring light into their lives. Again when a son has come into Wang Lung’s life, his wife, O-lan, buys everything that is red including his clothes, shoes, and a silk robe. This examples ties to fashion because the color red is not only meant for the shrinks, but also for the rich, who can afford to buy it. Wearing an attire that is red, will bring luck to the family, and it is similar to others cultures like in India the color red is only worn during special occasions, like weddings, festivals, and more. Once again when the eldest son was born Wang Lung bought eggs for the entire village and dyed them red with red paper. He gave them out by calling all the villagers for a feast, and to have a look at his child. In other cultures red is not specifically dyed for luck and to show off that a son is born into the household, but to decorate the food and bring color to it. Nationwide, red is used in food to enhance the presentation of the food, as well as instead of using the color red to tell that a boy is born into the household, in most Christians cultures it is color blue for a boy and pink for a girl. Finally, when Wang Lung has become wealthy the first thing he buys for the Chinese New Years is red candles, and later red