Color War: A Short Story

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Ethan and I are very close. My brother and I live together; our beds are mere feet apart, we go to the same school. We play the same sports: soccer (which we both play competitively), basketball, baseball, and football for fun. We play the same instrument, and spend seven weeks together during the at sleepaway camp in Maine. In each setting, a different side of our personality is revealed. In our house, we are usually talking about sports, playing sports in the den, or engrossed in our work. When playing piano, we are in our quiet state, and very focused on getting all the notes right. And on the soccer pitch we are in our most intense state. We both are focused on winning, while maintaining sportsmanship. Although we have never played in a …show more content…
Every year everyone at home asks why I always go back to camp year after year. How does it not get boring, they wonder. I give them two concrete answers: the people, and color war. I can go play sports at any local park, but the people and color war at our camp is like none other. Color war is three weeks long, and is by far the most intense activity I have ever participated in. During color war, everyone plays every sport with their age group, and each game is worth 25 points. But the special thing about color war at our camp is that all siblings must be on the same team. So, during these three weeks, my brother and I get to work together to help our team win. The game my brother and I always look forward to is our soccer game. When each of us is playing, we give our 100% best to win. And when one of us isn’t playing, we are on the sidelines watching. But these games for color war are different from the ones we play every weekend in New York. This time, although we still aren’t on the same field due to our age difference, we are both contributing to the same team. Therefore, our general attitude on the sideline changes. In these games, even if I’m not playing, I want to win as badly as my brother Ethan does, because his success is also my