Colorado Christian University Student Reflective Report

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In this reflection, describe an event or an experience in your life that will influence your academic work and goals at Colorado Christian University.
It is difficult to narrow my journey down to one experience or event that will influence my academic goals at Colorado Christian University (CCU) for it has been three distinct experiences that were pivotal to my decision to pursue a new degree. Prior to my first night of class I did not have the distinction to articulate the influence of these three events. In each example my heart was in some way transformed, causing a decision that shifted my course of action. My perspectives and how I viewed people, circumstances and the world shifted.
Trauma can be a game changer
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With each passing semester of classes, I wrestled with taking the business to the next level. It became evident that I needed to take business classes.
Fortunately, my husband was blessed with a new job working for CCU and I seized my opportunity. However, as time drew near for me to start the enrollment process at CCU, I began to reassess my heart’s desire. Was teaching kid’s cooking classes really my passion and was that what I wanted to do with the rest of my life? My reflection brought me back to my first two experiences and I determined I wanted my life to have a bigger impact.
I researched programs CCU offered and looked for a degree that would train and equip me to work for a Non-Profit or Ministry or start my own. Though I do not fully know the direction that is best for me, I do know that I want my life to be centered around impacting the
Kingdom of Jesus Christ, helping bring resources, education and relationship to woman and children living in oppression and poverty locally and internationally. Thus, I am pursuing a degree in Organizational Management in Christian Leadership. Though I do not know where this journey will land me, I am confident that my experience at CCU will grow me and