Colorado: Education and School Uniforms Essay

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School Uniforms
Courtney Singer
Jessica Guire
English Composition II
November 25, 2013

Now a days many public and private schools are requiring students to wear uniforms. There are many positives to schools requiring uniforms. I do believe all schools across the United states should require students to wear uniforms because the student can benefit so much as far as higher academic learning, cuts a lot of cost for parents and stress as well, students feel like they are more accepted in school, the student has a higher level of self respect for their selves and others, and last but not least it cuts down on violence in the school. Yes, there are a few parents and people who disagree but they are few and far when it comes to not seeing the benefits. The first article I read and used to support myself for being for school uniforms is the study in which that shows school uniforms are excellent for academic achievement and research use. This study believes it should be mandatory for all students to have uniforms. Their biggest reason was academic achievement. Then they described how they cut cost for low income families, lowers dropout rate, promotes community unity, and reduces violence and peer pressure. It helps schools with the safety of students, and eliminates parent stress knowing their children are learning at school. It also stated attendance was higher, students showed more self respect, improve behavior, and it lowered the use of substance abuse. It provided student and faculty a chance to get to know each student not for what they were wearing. In general the second article was based out of the United Kingdom wanting to bring their experience with school uniforms to the United States along with what they had proved to be true in their country. The United Kingdom purpose was to teach the United States their findings and benefits of school uniforms being required in their schools. It stated the uniforms created a more respectable setting for students to learn, eased parents financials and stress over the education their children were getting, it taught them to present their selves in a professional and respectable manner, along with self-discipline and higher respect for them selves and people in authority. It cut cost for all families not having to worry about buying designer clothes or the problems of what to wear to school. They seen drastic changes in students behavior for the better and a lot less school violence and gang violence. They say it lets the student focus directly on academics and being a kid. They make friends that they actually get to know them as a person instead of what they are wearing. It showed students participated more not only in school but in community by fundraising for charities. It is for school uniforms being a mandatory requirement in every school due to benefits and positives it brings versus the few negatives. The study was done to show that the biggest reason for school uniforms was how the student perceived them self. They showed higher respect, thought more of themselves, it gave them a focus to pass and learn in the classroom setting and how they present themselves. A school uniform shows the order and respect of the school and its students. It brought school order, safety and security. It showed that attendance, grades, and behavior improved greatly. Student produced quality work because they focused on what they were learning and not people or things around them. It increased student participation in the classroom when they felt they were not being judged by their peers or teachers. The results proved the positives and great benefits were so high versus the negative. This article was done on the attitude of the parents about school uniforms. The ones that were against the school uniforms only made a point of saying it violates students right to free expression. Even school administrators were for school uniforms as were