Essay about Colors in the Road

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“He pulled the blue plastic tarp off of him and folded it and carried it out to the grocery cart and packed it and came back with their…”- Page 5
“In that long time ago somewhere very near this place he’d watched a falcon fall down the long blue wall of the mountain and break with the keel of its breastbone…”- Page 20
“Peering out from under the blue gloom beneath the plastic”- Page 44
“Dressed in a pair of filthy blue coveralls and a black bill cap with the logo of…”- Page 62
“He used gasoline in the lighter and it burned with a pale blue flame and he bent and set the tinder alight…”- Page 72
“The only light was from the ring of blue teeth in the burner of the stove.”- Page 146
“He blinked. Gray Blue eyes half buried in the thin and sooty crease of his skin.”- Page 163
“Is it blue? The sea? I dont know. It used to be.”- Page 182
“He’d found a pair of work shoes and the boy was wearing blue tennis shoes with rags stuffed into the toes.”- Page 213
“I’m sorry it’s not blue, he said. That’s ok, said the boy.”- Page 215
“By the time he came he was blue with cold and his teeth were chattering.”- Page 218
“He kept asking him about his shoulder, blue and discolored from where he...”- Page 231
“They wrapped their feet in sailcloth and bound them up in blue plastic pampooties cut from tarp and they left strange tracks in their comings and goings.”- Page 243

“A burned house in a clearing and beyond that a reach of meadowlands stark and gray and a raw red mud bank where a roadworks lay abandoned”- Page 8
“He cut into it with his knife. Deep red and salty meat inside”- Page 17
“A dull rose colored glow in the window glass”- Page 52
“He held aloft the scrawny red body do raw and naked and cut the cord with kitchen shears and wrapped his son in a towel”- Page 59
“He sat studying the twisted matrix of routes in red and black with his finger at the junction where he thought that they might be”- Page 86
“Dressed in clothing of every description, all wearing red scarves at their necks. Red or orange, as close to red as they could find.’’- Page 91
“Memory of her crossing the lawn toward the house in the early morning in a thin rose gown that clung to her breats”- Page 131
“The red sparks rose in a shudder and died in the blackness overhead.”- Page 169

“A dead perch lolling belly up in the clear water. Yellow leaves”- Page 13
“Gold scroll work and sconces and the tall columnar folds of drapes at either side of the stage”- Page 19
“The mummified dead everywhere. The flesh cloven along the bones, the ligaments dried to tug and taut as wires. Shriveled and drawn like latter day bogfolk, their faces of boiled sheeting, the yellow palings of their teeth”- Page 24
“They walked through the diningroom where the fire brick in the hearth was as yellow as the day it was laid”- Page 26
“The bot found toys he’d forgot he had. He kept out a yellow truck and they went on with it sitting on the tarp”- Page 35
“He sat beside him and stroked his pale and tangled hair. Golden chalice, good to house a god. Please dont tell me how the story ends”- Page 75
“They (corpse) wore gold rings in their leather ears and in the wind their spare ratty hair”-page 90
“The plaster ceiling was bellied in great swags and the yellowed dentil molding…”- Page 107
“In the