Colors: Pupa and butterfly World Essay

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Colors of the Wings
The flutters of the wings paint intricate colors and designs as many tourists walk down the path of butterflies. When Butterfly World is mentioned, many Floridians only think of several species and only a few hundred of butterflies, but that is far from the case at Butterfly World. Butterfly World has several thousand different species of Butterflies from the beautiful Blue Morpho to the common garden butterflies. It also has over 20 different types of exotic species of birds, a plant garden with a showcase of some of the most beautiful tropical specimens, a butterfly farm and lab encounter, a bug zoo and museum.
Many South Floridians and tourists do not know that Butterfly World is the largest butterfly park in the world. According to Butterfly World, “it is also the setting for Butterfly World's very popular Spring Concert Series, as well as featured special exhibits that change throughout the year.” Butterfly World is a wonderful place for the whole family, it is kid friendly and all ages will enjoy the scenery. They have multiple attractions from butterflies flying pass the tourists to gardens of colorful plants.
Butterfly Aviary
When entering the exhibit, the first thing the South Floridians will see is the butterfly farm and lab encounter. According to the Butterfly World Guide Map, “The miracle of metamorphosis begins here.” In this showcase, the tourists will be able to see live species of hundreds of caterpillars roaming around on plant leaves. Also, Butterfly World displays real beautiful butterflies emerging from out of their cocoon. According to, to date that they have raised over 1,000,000 butterflies. Right in front of tourists’ eyes, they will be able to witness the metamorphosis of the hundreds of beautiful caterpillars. Paradise Adventure Aviary sanctuary is a world filled with numerous amounts of colorful butterflies. The tourists will be ecstatic with excitement from the multitude of butterflies flying around them. They will hear the sound of numerous amounts of water fountains running waters, butterfly wings as they flutter pass them, and smell the sweet nectar of the exotic flowers. On every leaf the tourists will see a multitude of colorful butterfly resting its wings from flying around. Also if they look closely, they will see multiple butterflies drinking the nectar from numerous amounts of flowers. Too many, this will be there first time where they are able to catch a butterfly. In the Hanging Garden and Butterfly Emerging Area, South Floridians will find displays of metamorphosis happening with butterflies hatching from their cocoon. Also, plants that close right in front of their eyes at the touch of their finger. According to, these plants are called Mimosa Pudica, also known as the sensitive plant. When tourists brush their fingers across the gentle green leaves, they will be able to see the leaves closing. The green tiny leaves close like butterfly wings then open back up in the next few minutes. This is a perfect encounter if they want to trick their kids into believing that they have magical powers. Also, this is great if tourists want to witnessed a butterfly hatching from out of the cocoons. According to, “the most interesting feature of Butterfly World for many is the Emerging Area where butterflies are raised and can be observed in every stage of development, including eggs, caterpillar, and the cocoons enclosing the pupa in their transformational state.” Too many people the most beautiful exhibit is the Tropical Rain Forest. According to, they believe the Tropical Rain Forest Aviary is the jewel of Butterfly World. This sanctuary is a screen cage like rain forest. In this exhibit tourists will feel as if they were in the tropical rain forest surrounded by the most beautiful exotic plants, birds, and butterflies in the world. They will hear waterfalls crashing into a pond,