Colour it in and Yoga Nida Let Essay

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Aaron Murdoch
David Subacchi
Charlotte Elizabeth Cummings
Mark Davoren
David Blake
Jacqui Frey
Ade Jackson
Lauren Flynn
Paul Nicholas Pyke
Annie M. Briggs
Danny Rothery
Stella Jones
Stuart Johnson
Bella Colevati
Paul Rooney
Anthony Di'anno
Christina Ford
David J. Costello
Graham Robinson
Gabby Tyrell

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Drawn enough to this magazine a cursory glance has begged and driven you to touch. Are you still reading? Or have you turned the pages over to assess what this issue is this time. If you have skipped ahead and returned to this page, please keep your questions to the end of the feature. Know it was not compiled by an idiot. But one who was of the generation that recorded songs onto tapes to place in envelope with letters and rely on a functioning postal service. For the express enjoyment of whoever the tapes delivered. There is no theme prevailing. This is a microcosm, not a catalogue of all those that are. This is not that sort of impossible task. This is a collection of mountain peaks blown and still standing, still with integrity, against anything thrown at them.
I am a man of the Open Floor, I value that democracy and what better way to introduce? If you read this thinking I have not explained who I am to command and require attention. Because through this magazine I have promise. I promise you poetry from real live people, some addicted to always reading to crowds, some who have it but not taken further due to choices in their lifestyles that have equal worth. The biggest battle you will fight, and it is the fight every poet and creative arrangements face. The outrage from those who felt so inferior and bathed in illusions of an impossible to reach highest zeniths, so outraged they speak out and go out of way to make irrelevant. Even those all of these crazies are arguing about stopping dead freedom. How they prosecute how now is not the time for the sentiments of poetry. The truth and sharp, how far on treason can you go? It's never time for the poetry when there is all the dying but that means it's time to read and stop the killings happening. Over time, secrecy clauses in National Governance are released. It does not look good for my country. When it is revealed about the perversion, corruption and technological oppression, all the new smelling history books are conditioning actually happened. Never for one second, future derider logged on to Troll former colonials... Never for one second, future prisoner... think that everyone from my country built your prison. You will find if you magnify with dangerous nuclear powered equipment, a series of atoms vibrating. You will have to look so carefully and hope future does this.
Never for one second, wherever your background, think that the atoms, constantly changing through their nature, can be formed and controlled by Tyranny. Questions…?

Poking The Dreamworld Aaron Murdoch

In a dream there was on stage
A competition answer
Incorporated into a Comedian's sketch
He told them
There was no punchline
And started playing a guitar

And over it was sung
The following words
The first eight words
I can safely say
Were from dream

I tried to keep
Momentum flowing
As much as I could
Or as wanted to prove
Here's the message:

"Time is a floating device
Taking you away"
Thanks to our other guests
The element of surprise
Arrived at the Royal's Court
No tickets it was free

"Time is a floating device
Taking you away"
Was sung comedian with a guitar
The tactic of his act
At least eight words
Physical link
With his own subconscious

Poked after poking
Around the poke of the Dreamworld

YOGA NIDA (Sleep Yoga) David Subacchi Lay me down flat
Yoga Nida
Let the tension
Flow slowly out Here on the floor
Yoga Nida
Let me be still
Peaceful and warm Sinking, sleeping