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Colour Theory Red
Warm colour
Fire, violence, warfare
Both the devil and cupid
Anger but also importance, danger Colours mean different things in different parts of the world
In design red can be a powerful accent colour. It can have an overwhelming affect if it’s used too much especially in its purest form. Great colour to use when power or passion wants to be portrayed. Brighter versions can be more energetic whilst darker shades shows more power

Very vibrant, energetic
Can represent change
Associated with health
Can be overpowering like red
Often more inviting then red

Considered the brightest and most energizing warm colour
Deceit, cowardice
Also associated with hope
Can mean danger but not as bad as red
Bright yellow can mean happiness and cheerfulness
Gender-neutral colour

Down to earth
Represent new beginnings and growth
Renewal and growth
Envy/jealousy and lack of experience
Calming attributes of blue but energy of yellow
Balancing, harmonizing effect
Wealth, stability, renewal and nature

Calmness and responsibility
Peace, spiritual and religious
Big effect in design
Light blues often relaxed and calming
Bright blues more energizing and refreshing

Combination of red and blue therefore takes on some attributes
Creativity and imagination
Dark purple shows wealth and royalty
Light purple romance
In design dark purple shows…