Essay on Colts Superbowl

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This super Sunday the Saints will be marching out of Miami defeated. The reason will be Peyton Manning, who despite his team’s 14-2 regular season record has been the poster child of perfection. After dismantling the loudmouth Jets it is evident that blitzing Peyton Manning is ineffective. Neither is playing Cover 2, or man-to-man schemes. The only way to stop the Indy attack is to outscore them, a feat the Saints won’t accomplish come Sunday. Manning has posted a 104.6 QB rating with 5 touchdowns and 623 yards, averaging 311.5 yards in his first 2 postseason games. These numbers came against a historically stout Ravens D and the NFL’s best defense in the New York Jets. If these defensive sides couldn’t stop Peyton then how will a Saints team that has allowed 834 yards of offense in their two playoff games? Saint’s defensive coordinator Greg Williams already has his strategy planned: “This guy’s got a great clock in his head. The big thing is that he throws the ball so early that we’re going to have to do a good job of finding ways to get to him and when we do get to him we’re going to have to make sure he gets a couple ‘remember me’ shots when we get there ...” Williams needs to take a “remember me” look at the 2nd half of the AFC championship game. Peyton Manning deciphered the Jets defense, countering heavy blitzes with 3 step drops and hot reads en route to 17 unanswered points and a Colt victory. In a game were both teams boast tremendous offenses the championship will be decided by the defense. Stacking both defenses side-by-side the Indianapolis Colts have to be favored. Defensive Ends Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis can wreak havoc on opposing QBs, even on a standard four man rush.…