Columbian Exchange Benefits

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It is human nature to desire, to want more, to explore. At first people met this need by bartering, exchanging one good for another. Later this expanded to include countries and currency. This expansion then accelerated to the beginning of trade. Trade satisfied this desire to learn more,and discover what else is out there. The Columbian Exchange changed the way people used resources, and led to the European domination of the Americas.
The Columbian exchange connected Europe to the Americas. In 1492 Christopher Columbus traveled across the Atlantic Ocean, discovering the Americas. Columbus was an Italian explorer, who sailed across the world for the King and Queen of Spain. His goal was to keep sailing until he reached Asia, trying to find the wealth of gold, pearls and spices. Columbus led his three ships the Nina, Pinta and the Santa Maria, however he never ended up in Asia, instead he turned out to be in the Caribbean Islands. Unfortunately he had always thought that he was in Asia. Columbus not only discovered unknown plants and animals, but also discovered people, today known as the Native Americans. However Columbus mistakenly called them “Indians” since he never knew he was actually in the Americas. When he returned to Spain, he told Europe about what we found and saw. Evidently more Europeans traveled to Americas and brought new foods, and resources home. The Columbian Exchange was the trade of non-native animals, plants, and food found in the Americas
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It also brought two worlds together and built a connection between them. Two worlds that have never been in contact before. This Exchange sparked the knowledge that there were other places out there, which had never been seen before. It created wonder and curiosity of others to see other lifestyles and cultures besides there own. The Columbian Exchange did not just change Europe and America, it also change the