Columbine High School Research Paper

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Video games are a part of many people's lives in the world. While some people only play a small amount, some lives are surrounded them. They play them as much as they possibly can. When they are not playing them, they are thinking about them. This has become a very big problem in the world and more specifically in the United States. One of the more horrific outcomes that came from the over use of video games was the Columbine High School shooting. On April, 20, 1999, Eric Harris age 18 and Dylan Klebold age 17, murdered 13 and wounded 23 before taking their own life when they organized an attack on Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado (Korach). News of this story shocked the world because it was one of the first major school shootings …show more content…
Poor performances in school can greatly affect the future of children in a negative way. My parents knew that I was obsessed with video games and wouldn't allow me to play them during the school week. They saw that if I was to play them during the school week, then I would not have studied for any tests, and would not have done any homework. My grades would have shown that. There have been many studies that have been done to see if there was a correlation between the amount of time spent on video games and poor performances in school. Studies have shown that the more time a kid spends playing video games, the poorer the individual performance in school is. They spend time on video games instead of other activities such as doing homework, reading, sports, and interacting with friends and family (Positive and Negative). The student will fail to work at his or her optimum level because of exhaustion from late night gaming (Negative Effects). I specifically remember many nights that I have stayed up past three o'clock in the morning because I didn't want to get off my games. The next day I was exhausted because of the lack of sleep. Poor performance in school may not be as publicized as violence and aggression, and health problems that come from video game use, but it is one of the most