Columbine Reflection Essay

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Columbine Reflection I was 4 when Columbine happened and had no idea the complexity of the situation until this summer when my eyes were finally opened. One thing that amazed me about this story was all of the evidence and facts discovered. There were so many little details that could have made or broke this story. This book reveals all of the proof and finally gives the world the truth about what really happened on April 20, 1999.
I noticed two main themes from this book. Depression played a very important role in this book as well as overcoming adversity. Dylan Klebold was an angry and depressive teenager who seemed lost and confused about where he was going with his life. When I read about him, I felt sorry for him and wished someone knew what he was really thinking and could help him out before he ended his life. It is so sad to hear about suicides and the fact that someone thinks that there is nothing left for them in this life. Eric was the biggest surprise of all. I thought about his high school life while reading this book and realized he was a pretty popular kid and he wasn’t content with his life the way it was. He was a frustrating character to read about because of him being a psychopath. He had so much potential to be great and instead took his life to make a statement to the world.
Dave Sanders is, in my mind, a great role model. I have wanted to be a teacher my whole life and I have come across teachers that have been so much like Sanders. They will go across any length to protect their students and they want to help them however they can. He is the ultimate teacher and that fact that he laid his life on the line to save his students is inspiring.