Columbine Summary pt 1 Essay

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Thursday May 28th, 2013

Entertainment Industry Perspectives
Summer 2013

Contact information: Allan Barber C104 phone: 323-436-5136 cell: 609-658-2245 Office hours: MWF 10-12noon

FMA 3696- WI/3770
Tuesday and Thursday 7-9pm

Go to – Oscars outside

Course Requirements: 2 questions for guest speakers + 2 you wished you asked in Journal
Weekly Journal – 2 pages min
Clipping file- 2 per week

Business Section of the LA times- Company Town
Patrick Goldstein’s column- The Big Picture
Trades- Variety or the Hollywood Reporter

Weekly Journal #1- 1st Impressions – The Industry Colleagues
What you’ve seen, felt, what your perceptions are and how does that connect to guest speakers. Due on Mondays

Tuesday 5/28 Guest Speakers
Josh Fleury -
Brian Lipko
Justin Mc Goldrick
Adam Segal

May 30, 2013

Reputation, Loyalty, Don’t be a dick, Leaving on good terms, Persistence, Commitment, Support system


Latoya Stroman: Worked in study away office, wants to do talk one day, have mentors, PB&J TV intern- create reality TV shows and partner with people to put on television, work like your getting paid every single day. Turned down film job to work in Television. Currently casting associate for the genealogy road show.
Your work ethic speaks for itself. Be the first one there and the last one leaving.
Budgeting is important and scheduling
Aaron Kessler: Started doing music in Philadelphia- wanted to work in studios. Works at “Play Me” records, PAing for Russell Brandt for flexibility and experience. Currently the label manager- started out doing promos and social media

Jamey Thrasher: assistant engineer at NightBird. Set goals and maintain drive, know what you want and what you’re willing to do to get it. Maintain relationships, make sure they remember you, be patient, do what it takes to get you. Have to earn trust. Little things are what builds trust with superiors.
Own your mistakes and don’t let it happen again. Be reliable.
Use your job to make contacts. Being connected to them allows you to reach their contacts.

Dan Wolner: works for company in North Hollywood, “Equal”. First started out at LionsGate and a music studio. Guard your relationships- prove your worth to your company. He is a production coordinator- but mostly does technical work (editing, graphics,