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Christopher Columbus was an ambitious and talented navigator. He was the discoverer of the United States of America so he is a national hero for many Americans. In our time we celebrate Columbus Day which is still a very controversial celebration. Many agree with celebrating Columbus Day while others are enraged since they think he doesn't deserve a holiday. His discovery resulted in the slaughter, slavery, and illnesses of the native inhabitants. Therefore, Columbus Day shouldn't be celebrated as an international hero. His discovery lead to repercussions that changed the landscape of this unscaved America.
First of all, it is very obvious that Columbus introduced slavery to America. Slavery was being used all over the world and he was the first one to introduce slavery to America. In Christopher Columbus’s Dairy he talks about how the natives were worth less than the dung on the streets. He said in his letter to Spain in October 1942, “they could make good slaves”. He said this because the Taino native Indians were strong and did what he told. He bring them to different parts of the worlds and many natives died traveling overseas. This lead to disease in America which came from trades in Europe and Asia.
In addition to slavery, disease spread throughout America that later lead to the deaths of many West Indies citizens. There were plagues and illnesses that spread through Europe and went the natives were hit by these illnesses they did not survive. Never having faced something like this the natives died very quickly. Through trade the rats on the ships carried plagues to America. Columbus should never have a holiday named after him when he killed Americans by the illnesses that infected them.
Columbus was a very religious man and one of his missions was to make anyone who he