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Zachary Myrtetus
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World History Period 1

Christopher Columbus A Villain or A Hero Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1492. He was the first european to discover the americas and that is his most well known contribution to exploration. However
Christopher Columbus should not be celebrated as hero for discovering the Americas but as a villain because he brought war and disease to the native people that killed millions. Bringing the overall population to approximately 60,000 which earns him the name of villain. The First reason columbus should be treated as a villain is because of his acts and how he did conquer the americas in the name of spain. He brought oppression onto the native american people he killed thousands and disease killed hundreds of thousands more all due to him. Now today according (Document 3) millions of americans find the holiday Columbus day overtly insulting and believe it should not be celebrated due to Columbus's acts. The Second reason Christopher Columbus and his holiday should not be celebrated is because he truly wasn't even the first man to discover it. Sure he was the first known european but he was beat by nomads that crossed over into alaska and even vikings which researchers have discovered had landed in northern canada traveling over from greenland.
Giving no strong reasoning on why columbus day should be celebrated or at least in columbus name in a way he is stealing credit for other peoples accomplishments which in a way is considered villainous. The Third and final reason I have towards why…