Columbus: Indigenous Peoples of the Americas and Direct Order Essay

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US History Honors
12 September 2012
The Evil Villain It is pretty obvious no matter which side you are on that Columbus is a bad man. I never knew that having about 15 million people dead/killed because of your voyage for gold is okay. It’s not. Columbus was under direct order from the king but that doesn’t matter he could have easily only done that and avoid all contact with the indigenous population. Columbus could have easily just left the natives alone or sneak around them, I understand curiosity but if you are going to come out with a result of that many lives lost its not worth is because the native are nearly not as advanced as Columbus and his soldiers; he was a bully. The opportunity he took by trading with them and introducing them to weapons was great. But weapons weren’t the only thing he introduced to them. Columbus also carried a nice big cloud of diseases along with him. Millions of natives got sick and died. So many people say that if it wasn’t for Columbus then we wouldn’t be here, well if its his fault America exists then I don’t want to be here. Us being here cost 15 million lives, innocent ones. I love my country don’t get me wrong but think about all the wars America has been in and how many people we have killed. The number is too high. The most disrespectful thing he did to their families and culture is enslave the people. So lets hear about this hero… he was the cause of the death of millions, spread diseases, and took advantage of the less