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Columbus Paper

Columbus Day Should Not Be Celebrated

Christopher Columbus was born in Genoa, Italy in 1451.When he became older, and he desired to become an explorer. He went to Spain and asked the king and queen if they would fund his trip to try and find India. When he set sail in 1492, he did not find India. Instead, he found an unoccupied piece of land known to us as the USA.

One reason why we should not celebrate Columbus Day is because of the introduction of new diseases to the natives. When Columbus landed in the Americas, he was very self-centered and did not care for the sake of the people. He brought over new diseases such as Syphilis and Small Pox to the natives. Since the Natives weren’t introduced to these diseases, their immune systems weren’t familiar with them. Many of them got sick and died of the new diseases. Also, it didn’t help that the natives didn’t know about these new diseases and not knowingly transferred them to their tribes and family members.

Another reason why we should not celebrate Columbus Day is because of his brutality. Columbus was the first person to enslave other human beings and create the idea of slavery. When he arrived at the Americas, he encountered the natives. He believed that they were under him, so he enslaved them. First, he forced small amounts of natives to work and mine for him. But after a while, he got the idea that he should start shipping off some Tanio people over to Spain so they…