Essay on Columbus Speech

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Dear King and Queen of England, I come to you today humbled in the high hopes that you will grant me what I ask of you. I have come and stood in front of you today only to ask of you one thing, that you will let me and my men go on yet another adventure to the Americas. I ask of this because of all of the wonderful things and experiences that I had there the last time your highness gave us permission to partake on that adventure. I will re-account the experience of our last voyage in hopes that it will convince you to grant us permission again. On that morning my men and I were awaken by the call of seagulls high in the morning sky. This seemed very odd because there was no sign of land for more than ten leagues in all directions. When the sun reached the highest point in the sky one of my men spotted land on the horizon. As we dawned upon the island we could see a house made out of sticks and grass on the sand. We ventured off of the boat and made way toward the house. As we came upon it, it was obvious that it had been abandoned fairly recently. I commanded my men not to lay hands on anything in the house. We then proceeded to venture into the nearby overhang of trees and brush. The trees were unlike anything my men and I had ever seen, tall and full of life sprouting in every direction. After venturing into the trees for approximately five kilometers we were confronted by what we assumed were the natives to the land. They were bizarre with their dark colored skin, and…