Columbus, Villain Behind the Scenes Essay

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Throughout American history, every year Columbus Day was celebrated in honor of Columbus “discovering” the New World, which is the modern day Americas. However, Columbus wasn’t the first European to arrive at the New World, it was a “Viking” named Leif Ericson, along with his own crew. All Columbus achieved was having awareness brought onto the New World, since he claimed that it was the East Indies. In result, hundred thousands of Native Americans were either slaughtered, or maltreated. His actions in the New World also brought horrible consequences to the original inhabitants there and many others in the centuries that followed. Therefore Christopher Columbus is not a hero like ignorant people make him out to be, he is a villain. Christopher Columbus had treated the Native Americans poorly when he arrived at the New World. In his journal, he stated that he wanted to convert the Native Americans to Christianity with “love” instead of “force”. However, he showed no form of love to them. The most he did, was giving the Native Americans trinkets in return for what was valuable to them. Columbus also thought that he had the right to claim their land for Spain, and use them as slaves. He even allowed his men to rape the Native American women! When the Natives tried to claim their land back by slaughtering the Europeans that occupied their land, Columbus killed them for trying to get their land back. Would a hero commit actions like these? The actions Columbus made when he arrived in the New World had impacted on millions even after he died. After Columbus died, thousands of Europeans came to explore the New World, bringing many diseases that the Natives have never encountered, causing many to die off. Religion was forced on the Natives, and their land was taken. In addition, Columbus had started the slave trade in the European continent, causing thousands of Native Americans to become slaves, as well as African Americans afterwards. These actions had caused a mass amount of deaths and suffering.
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