Under What Circumstances Do Young Adults Feel Compelled To Light Up A Cigarette, When They Know It's Unhealthy?

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Directions: Using the information found on pages 9-15 in your textbook; fill in the following charts.
Academic Psychologists work in colleges and universities conducting BASIC RESEARCH.
Examples of Academic Psychologists
What they study.
Questions they might ask.
Where they work.
The brain
How does the brain scan of someone experiencing an epileptic seizure.
Universities. Teaching classes.
Social psychologists
Behaviors and feelings and beliefs.
Under what circumstances do young adults feel compelled to light up a cigarette, when they know it’s unhealthy?
Businesses, consulting firms, government agencies, universities.
Developmental psychologists
The growth or development that takes place from the womb to tomb.
How does attending day care affect readiness for kindergarten?
Senior centers, hospitals, day care.
Cognitive psychologists
Processes in an effort to add to psychology’s reservoir knowledge.
How do old memories interfere with new memories?
Educational settings industrial settings.
Experimental psychologists
Doing research and can be specialists in cognition.
Relating to biological, developmental or cognitive.
Government agencies.

Psychologists who solve problems are more interested in APPLIED RESEARCH-solving specific, practical problems.
Examples of Problem Solving Psychologists
What they study.
Questions they might ask.
Where they work.
Forensic psychologists
Apply both law and psychology to legal issues.
Is it in a Childs best interest to testify in a custody case?
Health agencies.
Sports psychologists
Explore the psychological issues revolving around the improvement of athletic performances.
What kind of visual imaging should an athlete do before competing to increase the chances of success?
Professional sports teams. Private practice’s
Educational psychologists
How humans learn and often look for ways to improve the learning process.
How do we help fifth-grade students who are reading at a third grade level catch up with heir peers?
University settings.
Human-factors psychologists
How people and machines interact at home and in the workplace.
How should computer keyboards e positioned to keep hands and fingers from getting tired after prolonged use?
Government and military