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Assignment: Expository Essay Topic

COM/150 – Effective Essay Writing
14 September 2013

1. Expository Essay Topic: Worksheet

What general topic have you selected?
What components, or subtopics, are related to this topic?

Parental involvement with their children’s education
College classroom Online In class
Benefits of higher education
Elementary school curriculum
High school curriculum
What particular aspect of this topic interests you most?
Online verse classroom.
What’s taught now compared to what was taught in the past.
Why cursive writing is not taught to our children.
What is your purpose or goal for writing an essay on this topic?
To explain to the reader the differences between classroom and online learning along with training curriculum now compared to the past especially why cursive writing is not taught.
What questions do you want to answer or address in the essay?
What is better online courses or attending in the classroom?
What is the difference with what was taught in the past to what is taught in the classroom now?
Why are our children not learning how to write in cursive?
What is your narrowed topic choice for final expository essay?
The difference between online and classroom courses, which is better?
Is your topic still too broad for the length of the paper? Explain your answer. If so, how might you narrow it further?
I think my topic is not too broad for my paper. With all the choices I had I