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This pack of COM 155 Week 1 Discussion Questions contains: DQ 1: List at least one of the serious writing errors identified on p. 385 and identify how such an error could negatively affect your writing
DQ 2: Identify which of the four most serious writing errors listed on p. 385 you find challenging to overcome in your own writing. State a method to avoid this error.
DQ 3: The projects ongoing over the next few days allow one to utilize the grammar lessons covered in the weekly objective list posted by Exercise Central. Describe the most important lessons understood this week. Will the project activities make you a better writer?
DQ 4: Verbs are discussed on page 391. Please describe linking and action verbs. Write down a sentence that utilized both verb types.
DQ 5: On page 385 and 386 the seven parts of speech are discussed. Please list all of these. How are they used and how are they abused.
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