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“EWW gross,” exclaimed Brittany from the kitchen as her roommate, Holly, came running out of her bedroom to see what was going on. “OMG Brittany is those roaches?” screamed Holly. “Yes and they are everywhere.” At that moment, Brittany and Holly both knew they should have went with buying that house instead of choosing to rent an apartment, thinking it would be better and help them save money. Their plan to save money did not work; they spent more money on pest control and breaking their lease. In the long run, many will find that buying is more beneficial than renting.

The decision on whether to buy or to rent is a very hard one to make and should not be taken lightly. Buying a house is a huge responsibility and takes a large amount hard to keep up. Renting is easy and one will not have to worry about the maintenance or if something breaks all one will have to do is call the landlord. I believe there are both positives and negative with buying and renting, but I think there are more positives in buying than there are in renting. In my personal experiences, I have been in more negative situations than I have positive with renting than I have with buying. One of the perks to buying is that you are able to change whatever you want in or on the outside of the house without having to go through someone else first. For example, if one is unhappy with the way your kitchen cabinets look, than one could always put new ones in or even just paint them to save money. If one were to rent than one would not be able to do that and if one were given permission than it would just be a waste of money. It should be clear by now that buying is the way to go.

Another positive to buying over renting is the fact that when one buys a house, they are paying towards a foundation that will eventually be called their own. Renting does not give one that chance. According to, one of the biggest advantages to buying a house is that one-day payments will end. I think with renting money is just getting thrown out the window. Before I had my baby, I rented an apartment and now I am in a house and I am now realizing how much money I threw away each month renting an apartment. My mortgage payment now is one hundred dollars cheaper than my rent payment was and my house is bigger and a lot nicer. I have also found that my electric and water bills are a lot cheaper in my house than they were in the apartment. The way that the economy is now and the way the real estate market is, buying is a much better way to go than renting. I strongly believe that apartment complexes and renters are not even trying to get their prices down. Although buying a house is a longer process than renting, I believe it is completely worth it in the long run. Anything that is that big of a purchase and is possible to get possession of and called your own is well worth the wait in the end. If you are in an apartment at the moment, then I strongly advise you to start thinking about getting in a house.

In addition to being able to remodel a house and paying towards something that will become your own, another plus for buying a house is that taking care of pest control is a lot easier. If one is having problems with pests in an apartment, then it is almost impossible to get rid of. With living