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Volunteerism has been around for a very long time. It does not only occur in the general area of where we live, but it is also a worldwide action. Volunteerism is defined by as “the act or practice of doing volunteer work in community service.” This differs from volunteering in the aspect that it is just the general practice of work. There are a number of different organizations and groups that offer community service in which you can simply apply for and then get straight to work. Our group chose the organization Habitat for Humanity. This group is recognized worldwide for its accomplishments and efforts for giving families in need a better standard of living. This includes building and improving houses, sheds, and garages. That is not all they offer though, they have local, youth, women, and even veteran programs. These programs help you learn about construction all the while helping out a partner family. Expanding even further, Habitat for Humanity also has short-term and long-term volunteer trips that are global. These offer a few programs only for the United states and Canada such as RV Care-A-Vanners, which is recreational vehicle travel and construction, Disaster Corps, which provide support or disaster preparedness assistance after a disaster strikes. Globally, Habitat offers a global village program which helps build decent, affordable housing around the world. For a long-term service, you can volunteer your skills for 2 to 6 months at Habitats international headquarters in Americus, Georgia. You can also be part of the National Service, where…