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Final Project: Persuasive Research Paper

Final Project: Persuasive Research Paper
Do animals need a lawyer and how can individuals get away with cruelty to any kind of animals? The kind of punishment should the people get for harming an animal. Paws cannot dial 911 nor do they have a voice, so people need to speak for them and protect them from individuals that harm them. The types of abuse these individuals commit does not matter whether it is domestic, game, hunting or commercial it is wrong to hurt an animal and should have some kind of consequences for their action. Why do individuals feel they have the right to abuse or neglect animals and what kind of punishment should they receive for their crime?
What kind of punishment should individual receive for animal abuse? Animal abuse is considered as a felony in many of the states and people are put in prison every day for this type of criminal acts they commit against animals. New York use to have one of the relax law on animal abuse, but now it is about in the middle of the 50 states. There are many different types of animal abuse or animal cruelty that is being committed every day with domestic animals, game or hunting animals, and commercial. Should each individual have the same type of punishment? Anybody that abuse animals for any reasons should be convicted with a felony that stays on their record and sentence to some prison term and a very heavy fine.
Do animals need lawyers to protect them from humans? The citizens in Switzerland thinks the law needs to be change to protect the animals before something happen to them. The animal right committee gets in involved after it has been perpetrated. “The current laws dealing with animal abuse aren’t strong enough to secure convictions against those (people) suspected of cruelty.” (McManus, 2010). The law had failed to win, because of the voters, including, groups of farmers’ associations and pet breeders.
One kind of animal cruelty is dog fighting. Dog fighting is illegal in all 50 states. Dog fighting has become a form of entertainment for people to watch. Some people just hurt these dogs to make money. Puppies are beaten and abuse so they can become mean and want to fight. When the dogs fight, they maul all over each other and one fight can take up to an hour. Dog fighting is becoming on popular because some professional athletes and hip pop artists have gotten involve in it. Artists are using dog fighting videos to make it look tougher for the younger people. Senator Robert Byrd told reporters "The training of these poor creatures to turn themselves into fighting machines is simply barbaric." ("Stop Dogfighting Now! This sickening sport is cruel, bloody, and illegal", 2007)
Pit bulls have been especially raised by unscrupulous individuals and trained and sold to illegal tracks. These dogs have been raised on “live” bait, personal pets, cats, and rabbits and raised in violent atmosphere. At these events, to get it started they throw two live rabbit in the ring and watch the two dogs kill them. Each dog that loses a fight gets shot with a 22 caliber in the head. Then just for a crowd pleaser a little hog is let into the ring with a pit bull and cannot get wait from it. Now we are at the end of this event and people are leaving they see a pile of dead animals by the dumpster with dog, rabbits, and a hog.
At this event there are families are having a family outing and children are acting like they are at Disneyland. Individuals that go to these types of events most of them are into drugs dealing, gangs, illegal gambling. The law enforcements know what goes on at these places, but do not always get involved. Some of times whether or not the dog wins or not they get left for someone to find, so it can receive medical help. A two to three year old pit bull was brought to the animal hospital for serious wounds on her legs, head, and face. Her lower jaw bone was exposed. “It’s beyond sick to allow a dog to