COM 425 Edwards Week 3 Discussion 2 Essay

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For this multi-media assignment, watch the Tim Scudder Interview. Write a discussion response about a specific conflict you have experienced with someone else. Although preferred, the conflict does not have to be work-related.
As a supply sergeant, we have a direct relationship with the company commander. We often have to work closely with them to keep track of their property. In one unit I there seemed to be an adversarial relationship between myself and the company commander. He often refused to sign my paperwork and would berate me in front of other soldiers. I filed complaints through the appropriate channels but they concluded that a commander with a severe dislike for me was not grounds enough to get a transfer to a different unit. In our text it states “Conflict is an unavoidable part of interpersonal relations and organizational life because each relational partner has different goals, ideas, and strategies for addressing organizational issues. Poorly managed interpersonal conflicts can hurt feelings, cause anger and hostility, and degrade interpersonal relationships.” (Kreps, 2011 p. 4.3). The working environment was bad for both of us because I could not do my job and his property was not accounted for.
Discuss why the conflict was not handled effectively and what could have been done differently. The conflict was not handled effectively because I did not know the reason for the conflict. Later I discovered that the commander was sleeping with our operations…