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Wesley Christensen

Well this reflection journal marks the end of this quarter and with our presentation on the last day of class it also marks the end of our Community Partnership project. Over this quarter you have instilled in us the tools we needed to be successful in this task. This quarter has been trying for me as you know with health issues, family emergencies. In my first journal I had stated that I was skeptical about this project for the fact I really like to do things on my own. I choose this route not because I’m anti-social more along the fact that I don’t like relying on others to accomplish tasks and with this project that came true.
One of the problems I faced with this class and project is the teamwork aspect. Coming from the military we work in teams to get the task done fast and efficiently. In class I took a different route by working with people I know from other classes with a different background and age difference. I feel that this actually hurt me in some aspects and also helped the old classic catch 22. I found that if anything was to be done I really needed to step in and make sure it was getting done otherwise it would be left aside and I would start losing it. The very first problem I faced was just getting this project started. We all agreed on a community partner but nobody would call and set things up so it was left to me to get everything rolling. When I finally made contact I was given the run around and what we initially wanted to help with had passed but we did have a alternate task of helping our partner which we also almost missed due to lack of interest by my other group members. So I feel that for this project in particular true teamwork was lacking I felt as if I was the only one truly trying to make any effort.
Critical thinking also came into this project for the fact that we couldn’t get ahold of our community partner till two days before the task was available. So in order to make contact we had to drive out to the ranch only to find nobody is actually there. So we couldn’t get the signature so luckily we were able to have our partner email their information saying that they would love our help. So once again problem solving came into this to get the task done. But this is really true in anything you do nothing really