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Chaminade University of Honolulu
COM 101: Introduction to Communication
Fall 2013- SYLLABUS

COM-101-08-1: 2:30pm – 3:50pm, Tue./Thurs. (Eiben Hall, Room 207)

Instructor: Daniel M. Skaf, MFA Phone: 808.232.9772 Email:

Required Text: Verderber/Verderber/Sellnow. Comm 2

Course Description:
This course is an introduction to major forms of communication for college students. You’ll learn practical ways to improve your interpersonal and public speaking skills. The course emphasis includes exploring the meaning of communication, assessing how communication changes the world, and using our deeper understanding as a way to more effectively communicate with those around us.

Course Objectives:
At the end of the semester students should be able to:
Identify communication breakdowns caused by perspective and perception differences and to be able to resolve communication conflicts.
Listen attentively, respond appropriately, and give constructive and proactive feedback in their conversations.
When speaking to a group or giving a speech, understand the audience, establish clear speaking goals, and appeal to the audience with logical, meaningful information, and verbal and visual aesthetic.

Class Attendance:
Attendance will be taken on the beginning of every class. Points will be deducted for tardiness. The Provost will be notified if you are absent for two consecutive classes. If there is an emergency you must:
1. Call/email beforehand to let the instructor know about the emergency.
2. Provide valid documentation.

Late Paper Policy:
Papers which are not turn in on time will have a 10% grade deduction for every class period. The deductions will be cumulative. If your paper is late for 2 consecutive classes, the deduction will be 20% and so forth.

There are two speeches to be presented: informational and persuasive.
Dress appropriately for class on the day of your presentation.
No gum chewing or wearing of hats.
All speech outlines must be handed on time.
Both speeches must be accompanied by appropriate visual aids.

Reading Materials
You are required to read approximately 30 pages weekly.

Class Exercises:
You’ll be required to complete written class exercises which will be discussed throughout the term. This is proof of class participation and attendance.

It is expected that you will help build a positive climate and feeling of community in our classroom. You will be evaluated on your disposition of openness and constructive participation in dialogue and discussions. You are expected to conduct yourself in a manner that is positive and constructive. Aim to elevate critical inquiry into the topics discussed in class.

Academic Honesty:
Students are responsible for promoting academic honesty at Chaminade by not participating in any fraudulent act against an instructor or a university official. Academic dishonesty may include theft of records, or examinations, cheating, alteration of grades or plagiarism.

Mid-Term 100
Informative Speech Outline 25
Informative Speech Presentation 100
Persuasive Speech Outline 25
Persuasive Speech Presentation 100
Final 100

TOTAL 450 Points

COM 101 Introduction to Communication
Daniel M. Skaf Chaminade University

Week 1
8/27 Tue. Course Overview Introduction, Discussion of
Syllabus, Grading and Attendance Policies.
Class Exercises

8/29 Thur. Communication Perspectives Ch. 1 Class Exercises

Week 2
9/3 Tue.