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Bria Thompson
Professor Draper
COM 111
June 6, 2015
Informative Outline: Frida Kahlo
Specific Objective: To inform my audience of a talented painter, who did not let other dictate her work.
Attention-getter: Outfit
Relevance: She is acknowledged as a feminist which is very common in this day in age with other famous women such as Beyoncé’, Madonna and Angeline Jolie.
Credibility: I as well a feminist. Having such inspiring women to look up to has given me the knowledge and research of Frida. Being as she was a rebel, a woman who could not be handled by any many and stood for herself.
Preview: Frida’s Paintings, Husband, and death are the three main points I want to discuss with you today.
Signpost: So the most important aspect that I will be covering first is; Paintings.
I. Frida Kahlo pursued art like hopeless romantics pursues love.
A. On September 17, 1925, Kahlo was in a terrible trolley accident, which lead her to suffer several serious injuries, including fractures in her spine and pelvis.
1.) After staying at the Red Cross Hospital in Mexico City for several weeks, Kahlo returned home to recuperate, where she began painting during her recovery and finished her first self-portrait the following year.

2.) In 1939, Kahlo went to live in Paris for a time. There she exhibited some of her paintings and developed friendships such artists as Marcel Duchamp and Pablo Picasso.
B. Kahlo shared her physical challenges through her art.
1.) In 1944, Kahlo painted The Broken Column, which depicted a nearly nude Frida split down the middle revealing her spine as a shattered decorative column from her accident.
2.) As a young artist, Kahlo approached the famous Mexican painter, Diego Rivera, whose work she admired, asking him for advice about pursuing art as a career.
Transition: Now that we have discussed Kahlo paintings, we are ready to move on to my next pout which is her married life.
II. Frida Kahlo’s art seems to be somewhat influenced by her personal relationships. A.) In 1922, Kahlo enrolled at the renowned National Preparatory School, were she first meet Diego Rivera. 1.) He encouraged her artwork, and the two began a relationship. The couple married the next year. 2.) Never a traditional union, Kahlo and Rivera kept separate, but adjoining homes and studios in San Angel. She was saddened by his many infidelities, including an affair with her sister Cristina. B.) Desperately wanting to have a child, she again experienced heartbreak when she miscarried in 1934. 1.) She and Rivera went through periods of separation, but they joined together Kahlo had affairs with both men (including Leon Trotsky) and women; Rivera knew of and tolerated her relationships with women, but her relationships with men made him jealous.