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Exam Review Notes:

Aristotle’s Model of Rhetoric –
3 modes:
Ethos – Appeal to the audience’s sense of honesty and/or authority
Pathos – Appeal to the audience’s sense of emotions
Logos – Appeal to the audience’s sense of logic

Definition of Rhetoric –
The art of using language effectively where it began.

Speech Anxiety – (#1 phobia)

Attitude, practice, time allocation, organization, research/knowledge, objectives, and self-motivation, eye contact, friendly face, forward thinking, artifacts, mind blank, movement, never stop your speech.
Reflect on the constructive, reflect on the positive.

Forward thinking

Friendly Face

Three parts of a formal speech – Introduction, body and conclusion

Three parts of a formal introduction – Attention getter, specific purpose statement and preview.

Types of speeches –

Types of delivery – 4 primary ways

Book info for exam

The tradition of public speaking pg. 4
Aristotle’s Rhetoric, composed during the third century B.C. is still considered the most important work on its subject and speakers follow many of its principles today.

Public speaking vs. Conversation pg. 7

Public speaking is more highly structured
Public speaking requires more formal language
Public speaking requires a different method of delivery

Developing Confidence pgs. 8-15

Greatest fear – public speaking.
Nervousness is normal, dealing with nervousness – positive nervousness, acquire speaking experience.
Prepare, think positively, and use the power of visualization/positive thinking. Know that most nervousness is not visible, don’t expect perfection.

Specific Purpose pgs. 65-71

Determine the general purpose of the speech – to inform or persuade

Specific purpose statement – A single initiative phrase that states precisely what a speaker hopes to accomplish in his or her speech.

Limit your specific purpose statement to one distinctive idea; make sure it is not too vague or general.
Questions to ask yourself.
Can I accomplish my purpose in the time allotted?
Is the purpose relevant to my audience?
IS the purpose too trivial for my audience?
IS the purpose to technical