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Healing & Hurting Rough Draft
Peggy Matthews
Mrs. Clarke
Healing & Hurting Rough Draft
Marijuana and opiates help when there’s pain you cannot naturally fight. But when abused they both get you higher than a kite. Medical Marijuana and opiates are used for pain relief, but are widely used for substance abuse.

What is Marijuana? Is it an illegal drug? Or is marijuana a medical breakthrough? The United States Government contradicts itself everyday with this issue. The United States Government allows all states to pass bills if they so choose to, allow medical marijuana to be used as treatment for patients with chronic pain and recreational use. The other states are absolutely against the legalization of medical marijuana, saying “it is immoral”.

What is the history behind Marijuana? I am going to take you on a journey ten thousand years ago in ancient civilization. Marijuana also called Cannabis was used for fiber. The humans in this time period also used the hemp seed for food. It was only natural that they discovered the medical properties of the plant. Cannabis was actually used for a list of reasons such as hemorrhoids, insomnia, headaches, pain, and even childbirth. But that was some time ago. In the 1970’s scientist were able to extract the THC from the plant. Thus making a synthetic version of the plant, and calling it Marinol. Marinol was approved from the Government and the FDA to be prescribed to patients. It was used to treat anorexia in AIDS patients, nausea, and vomiting for patients who are going thru chemotherapy. But patients preferred to smoke the cannabis plant because it would work in minutes, compared to one whole for Marinol. Thompson AJ (May 2003)

How is Marijuana abused? Marijuana abuse comes from recreational use of Marijuana. After a number of times you have used Marijuana your brain develops a mental disorder called Cannabis Dependence. People who use Marijuana for recreational purposes look for high, or the chemical released from the brain called Dopamine. Dopamine is part of the brains reward system, which is generally used for things that taste great such as food and things that feel good such intercourse. When these effects subside the person becomes very hungry, tired, and depressed. People who have Cannabis Dependence have no ambition. They usually do not care for grooming themselves; they have very low standards and do not get far in life. Their memory is affected by the rigorous use of Marijuana, so doing complicated task, taking test or studying becomes almost impossible.
“Tolerance to some of the effects of marijuana (tachycardia, lightheadedness, dry mouth, etc.) with prolonged use has been reported, with experienced smokers showing fewer effects than beginning users. As in most other drugs to which tolerance develops, there is a withdrawal syndrome. This syndrome occurs only in chronic, high-dose users. The withdrawal can begin a few hours after the last use and persist for four or five days. It involves irritability, restlessness, anxiety, decreased appetite and weight, insomnia, sweating, nausea, vomiting, mild tremors and diarrhea. Antidepressants have been used to treat the fatigue, irritability and depression; however, in most instances no medication is necessary and supportive therapy is all that is needed” Schnoll (Apr 1986). For the people that want Cannabis dependence out of there life, they must go thru family based treatments. There are no medications available for withdraw. The addict will have to use sheer willpower to quit. Copeland J (2004)

What is an Opiate? An Opiate is really just a category of narcotics that are from the dried milk of the Opium Poppy Seed Plant. “The earliest reference to opium growth and use is in 3,400 B.C. when the opium poppy was cultivated in lower Mesopotamia (Southwest Asia). The Sumerians referred to it as Hul Gil, the "joy plant." The Sumerians soon passed it on to the Assyrians, who in turn passed it on to the