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Animals in Service
Kelly Hughes
Com 172
January 12, 2015
John Cantlon
Animals in Service Humans and dogs have been co-existing for over 8,000 years, and they continue to follow man throughout history. The fact that they can be such a positive value to humans, psychologically, physiologically, and socially. Many Americans that suffer from seizers, depression, anxiety, Autism, and other psychological disorders have found service dogs to be a resourceful tool. However the dogs must pass a rigorous training program before they can be placed with their new handler. In conjunction with that dogs are now being rescued from shelters, and are trained by prison inmates involved this new program. After completing the program they will be placed with war veterans, and children with Autism. Animals have positive effects on humans mentally and physically by just simply having them in their lives.
History of the Human/Animal Bond
Throughout history dogs and humans have been together. They have been co-existing for over 8,000 years. In fact no one is even sure what originally even attracted them to one another. Regardless, they have found a few ways to make use of this relationship. The Native Americans benefited from wolves in a few different ways, protection from intruders, and help with hunting. Some early American settlers even used dogs to track and hunt buffalo. As well as using them to transport the buffalo meat from camp to camp. Researchers have said there is evidence dogs appeared during the artic period, and the human migrations to America from Asia. This strange connection humans have to these once wild animals continues to offer a multitude of advantages. Health Benefits
Social inhibitions can be a difficult problem for some people. Studies show being in the company of a pet allows the owner to seen more approachable by friendly strangers. This allows the pet owner to benefit from social interactions. When someone is shy, awkward, and constantly feeling rejection from society, positive encounters begin to break down the walls of communication. That is when they start to establish healthy relationships with other people. Being united with a companion animal will give the handler an opportunity to be noticed by another person wanting to engage in conversation. Loneness is another difficult and painful problem. This causes such unpleasant side effects that solitary confinement is often given as a punishment in our society. After a review of several medical books in regards to the association between heart attacks and loneness, and reveals some astonishing information. Case in point people socially deprived are between two and four times more likely to succumb to a heart attack verses people who socialize regularly. More than that a comparison of single people, as opposed to married couples, in which being single raises the chance of serious health factors. In correlation with those findings, loneness has been linked to deadly strokes, and recovery from a major illness is unlikely. On top of that people deprived from social situations can be linked to car accidents and other incidents. So if feeling lonely is the common denominator, and there is relief available without medical treatment, would that be a viable option? Many would agree and give all ones got to make a comeback. Service animals can understand their handlers’ needs, and produce results that are beneficial to one’s recovery.

The Dogs’ Program
Professionals have agreed there is a mysterious connection between dogs and humans, and yet it is still unfounded. Researchers have hypothesized different theories, but it continues to be a mystery. In conjunction with dogs natural devotion to humans, and their undying loyalty causes them to become a valuable tool for someone with a disability. Once a vigorous training program is passed, the animal can be placed with the new