Interpersonal Communication

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Interpersonal Communications Written Assignment 6

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Interpersonal Communications Written Assignment 6

Listening is not a simple term. There are many elements that are involved when it comes to listening. Listening is so important in communication and sometimes technology distracts us from listening when communicating with others. Technology has become common for everyone. With the updating of cell phones, tablets, laptops, etc, listening can sometimes become hindered. The two articles give examples of how technology can become a hindrance in our lives and very helpful with many things. We rely on technology so much that we sometimes forget to do simple things such as listening.
The book states how technology can, “keep people from being fully present” (Aldler & Proctor, p.248). They were referring to being in a work environment during meetings but from what I witness in my personal life, this statement applies to every situation. Technology is a big distraction. I see children playing on their portable Nintendo’s while out to dinner with family, or people walking as they text, and even on their laptops at the library. Technology can take away from family time and personal time with loved ones. While playing, texting, or watching something on our devices when in personal situations, how can we be truly listening? I believe that children should be taught that there are appropriate times to use their technological devices and when it is inappropriate especially when in a setting that requires communication and involvement with other people.
“Most of us have become dependent on communication technology in some form or another”. (Foley-Di Fiore, 2010) Shutting it out of our lives even just for a moment can be frustrating. When I drive and need directions, I simply turn on the GPS on my iPhone and I can find out exactly where to go in less than one minute. Before GPS was invented, we used maps and used more communication with people for help with finding a place. Our families before us didn’t do too bad without technology so why does it seem so difficult for us to give it up? I think setting a technology free day out of the week is a very good idea. Instead of being on our devices, we can talk and learn more about one another. I think that communication helps build strength within ones mind and stringer relationships so getting rid of technology for a moment can open more doors to communication. This can help build a stronger