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Mass Media Worksheet

Complete this worksheet by answering the following questions. In Part A, each response must be written as an academic paragraph of at least 150 words. Be clear and concise, and explain your answers. If you cite any sources, use APA format. For Part B, answer each statement with a specific example and explanation in a couple of sentences.

Part A

What are mass media?

Mass media is a term defined as a section of the media specifically envisioned and designed to reach a very large audience. Mass media can take place through broadcast media, as in television and radio or even print media as in newspapers or magazines. Individuals can even find mass media through the internet. Mass media can also be referred to the mainstream media. Today, however, mass media has become much more than that, it has become a necessity in our daily lives. We are very much dependent on mass media not only as a source of news and information, but also as a source of entertainment and leisure. We are able to, not only update ourselves with news from around the world, but also watch the latest movie, listen to the latest music through the internet.

Some individuals may think that mass media is only for news but that is not the case. Mass media will also include entertainment such as TV shows, books and movies. Mass media can also be educational for example Public broadcasting stations offer educational programs for their nationwide viewers.

What are the different types of mass media?
The different types of Mass media would be print media, electronic media, and new age media.

Print media would include newspapers, magazines, brochures and even books. Visual media would also be included under this title. Photos are going to be important to mass media which will allow the stories to be represented through visual aids instead of words. Print media could soon be replaced through electronic or new age media.

Electronic media would include television so individuals can watch their favorite news program or TV show. Electronic media would also include radio movies, CDs, DVD and new electronic gadgets.

New age media will allow individuals to connect with new technologies such as the Internet. The new age media is faster and includes mobile phones, computers, and Internet. The Internet alone has opened new opportunities for mass media communication through email, blogging and social networks.

Why are the mass media important?
Mass media is very crucial because it represents the largest source of information and can be distributed very quickly. This particular source of media is what keeps people informed and up to date on the happenings of the world around us. Mass media also is the main source of entertainment and the breakaway from the bumps and bruises of everyday life. Movies, music, games and a variety of other information for our enjoyment all comes thru this medium. Also with the expansion of Internet connectivity and speed we can also use mass media to communicate face to face with the people who matter most in our lives. In today’s society we are no longer confined to media bias thru specific channels of a television or a writer’s point of view in a newspaper. There are thousands of angles that can be viewed and researched without prejudice.

.4 What are the most significant issues and trends in the media today?
The biggest issues that are in the media today are the opinions that are imported to every single piece of information. Everything has to be debated and debated over and over until you just can’t stand to listen anymore. This to me makes people become less and less interested in discussion topics. From a trend perspective, everything seems to be geared toward the youth with regards to mass media delivery. When I grew up kids were being marketed to with television and print ads. Now kids are being targeted thru social media and all the other options that are available. The