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University of Phoenix Material

Intercultural Competence Worksheet

Part 1: Short Paragraph

Instructions: Respond to each question below with at least 150 words, using complete sentences. Additionally, include an example from the reading materials that supports your position.

1. What does “intercultural” communication mean to you? When I hear the term "intercultural communication" my mind is automatically drawn to a group of individuals from extremely diverse cultures in need of a general message that needs to be understood in one take. The individuals could be from any walk of life, age, race, or religion. If the message isn't relayed properly there is a high chance of offending, or simply not reaching apart of the audience. It is always important to know your targeted audience. There could very well be several cultures in one setting with polar opposite meanings for certain things, and because of that a sensitive approach may be necessary.

2. Define “intracultural” communication. How is this definition both similar and different to “intercultural” communication? There is a shared meaning system both verbal and nonverbal in the message exchange of those communicating within the same culture. The verbal meanings are agreed upon by the society and used accordingly to what's been agreed upon.

There is a shared meaning system in both, now it's not to say that in the individual cultures the message would mean the same thing. There is an understanding in each setting and members of each group treat them as such.

3. What are some reasons and approaches behind mastering intercultural communication? A pleasant environment is urely a great reason to master intercultural communication. Without the respect and understaning of all parties involved it would be more easier than not to create a hostile environment. If at anytime a person of group of people feel like they aren’t being considered you can be sure that your message would be lost or simply ignored.

Part 2: Intercultural Encounters Activity

Instructions: Describe and analyze a recent intercultural encounter with someone of a different age, ethnicity, race, or religion. In at least 450 words, respond and include details to the following questions:

1. Briefly describe the person and the place.
2. How were you changed by the encounter?
3. What do you wish you had known to deal better with this intercultural encounter? My scenario included myself and my 8yr old son on a late evening. He and I left basketball practice as we would any other day, but this time we decided to stop for gas and refreshments. While inside of the store I noticed a small window in the back of the store with high foot traffic. I ask the clerk whats back there and he responds saying that it’s a taco shop. Of course being in Texas you can never pass up a chance to enjoy gas station tacos. We made our way to the back of the store and finally decide upon our order. The food is prepared and made to order so my son and I grabbed a seat at a hi top. While the foot traffic was high, there was practically not a single person dining in out side of a table behind us. So in this instance just like any my son and I begin to speak casually. Of course his innocence lead him to the topic of speaking the Spanish language. Whats wrong with that you ask?! Well The table of gentlemen behind us were all of the