Comcast And Time Warner Cable Merger Essay

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Comcast and Time Warner Cable Merger
Haley Miller, April Brooks-Price, Heather Henley, Germaine Wright, and Anthony Young
American InterContinental University

Included in this paper the firms I the proposed merger are described thoroughly. Annual sales and extent of their operations are listed. The incentives to consolidate from the firm’s point of view are shown. The product, production methods, scale of production, and sources for raw materials are described along with the technologies used. Also both the pros and cons of the argument in favor for and against the proposed merger are given and explained.
Comcast and Time Warner Cable Merger
Part One The name of the merger my group and I are assessing is
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The table turns when you have more than one company offering a product or service. The companies begin to compete to see who will be on top and who can deliver the superior product or service. Many factors come into with this type of approach; each company must check their product to ensure that it meets the standards of the company integrity as well as the customer’s expectation to deliver a product/service. It would be very profitable for each company to have a plan in place that would ensure or draw the customers to their product/service. The Comcast and Time Warner merger gives a good example of how to have a competitive edge over other companies ( The competitive environment in any industry is beneficial especially in regards to the Comcast and Time Warner merger. The services that are offer with this merger change the way viewers/customers look at T.V and how one may surf the Internet; the doors are wide open in regards to the services that are offer now due to this merger. The future of cable is the Internet, and that is where any concerns, be they minimal at best, of this acquisition. The fact of the matter is Internet is the driving tool in America and cross the world having the ability to access it is a benefit. As Jessica Rosenworcel, a commissioner on the Federal