Comfort and Care Essay

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Death is a natural process everyone will have to be faced with. It is important for those who are at the end-of-life stages to be prepared for the comfort and care needed to make them feel at ease for their remaining time. Why fight the evitable when a person can live out their last days in a familiar environment? I’m pretty sure if everyone could choose where to receive healthcare no matter what stage of illness, the majority of the patients would agree that home is the place they’d want to be treated. No one should have to be in pain in a hospital to prolong life when the option of being in one’s own home in peace with family is available. The advances of medicine have made this possible with in home hospice and the encouragement of these terminal patients the value of comfort care.
Hospice is a great alternative for those who have only a few months remaining. They realize that putting up a fight would only prolong the suffering and pain when in the end; the result will be the same. Comfort and care concentrates more on their value of life and well being. It provides the necessary measures to ensure all their needs are met to make them comfortable. The experience of in home care is an option and affordable for all. Most insurance cover the costs of hospice but if you are short on funds, according to Robinson and Segal (2012), hospice services are generally provided without charge if you have limited or nonexistent financial resources. With the costs covered by hospice, it would be ideal for those who would prefer to pass in the comforts of their own home, around family, friends and those who care most about them. Ideal, it’s desired to pass at home in peace, no pain, in your sleep. That option may not be desired for everyone.
Living the last days of one’s life may not be spent in their home surrounded by the recognizable. Some end-stage patients have families that feel the best