Comfort And Security In William Faulkner's A Rose For Emily

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Have you ever had a stuffed animal, blanket, or any object you had when your little? People need something that creates comfort and security in their lives.This is evident by considering the excerpt from “A Forest Burning” by the short story ”A Rose for Emily” by William Faulkner and by my own personal experience.

In the excerpt “A Forest Burning”, the father, Glen, has created his own sense of comfort and security. Glen has constructed a treehouse for his comfort and security. He made it because of his experience with the war and the treehouse gave him his sense of comfort and security. He has it for his hobbies and also lets his kids play in it when he allows them. His family also been his comfort and security. They were there for him and helped him through the war experience. His hobbies let him be himself and helped with his comfort as home.

In “A Rose for Emily”, Emily has created her own sense of comfort and security. Her father was a person she felt comfort and security but after he died she had to find something else that can help her obtain these characteristics. Emily had bought herself some arsenic for killing Homer Barron whom she liked. She killed him because she wanted him to be with her, her whole life and if he was alive he would've left because he had other friends he liked to hang out with. Her butler, Tobe, was also
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My family and teachers gives me the comfort and security i need to live. My hobbies also give me a sense of comfort around my daily life. My most valued characteristics would be having a house because I know what it feels like to living without a house and without all the comforts that a house provides as well as the feel of security. Two years ago in the summer i had everything taking away from me and my only comfort was my old boyfriend which he left me and my phone for video games. We didn't have a place to live for almost a year. It was extremely hard to