Coming of Age Essay

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Throughout life you go through a phase called coming of age . Coming of age is supposed to be a great experience that can help you grow up , to become wiser, responsible and most of all mature. When going through the coming of age phases you learn the real meaning of life that shows you what you can expect as an adult throughout life. Once upon a time there was a bouncing baby girl named Vontrece Cole born to proud parents on Tuesday May28th1997,at St. Joseph Women’s Hospital in Tampa Florida . Vontrece parents always had great expectations for her to do well and succeed in life. They tried to equip her with life lesson tools to help her along the way . The Life lessons tools include but is not limited thinking for yourself, be your own person , having integrity , staying in church, good morals values and standards, also whatever you do give it your best.

As a young child I can remember always being around family. I have always considered my family the most precious and closest thing to me… I can remember every year we always having family reunions where we gather for family time food, fun, and laughter this is where we also learned our family history. Al though my family is very close to me my extended family which is my church family has been played a huge role within my life. My church family has taught me the roles that I have to follow as being a child of god. I should always seek god first throughout life’s most difficult times. I can remember always going to children’s church playing with toys and being the most helpful child in the classroom. I can remember trying to teach children’s church I was only about 4 years old. I started Daycare when I was like three, I loved going to daycare just because I would get a lot of snacks and had my little colorful mat to take a nap. I started Pre-k at Crestwood elementary I thought that was the best time of my little life at that age. I remembered having to wake up at 5am every morning putting on my little uniform and pretty little tennis shoes , eating a bowl of pops cereal and rushing to the car to go get my mom from her job then getting drop off to school I go. I enjoyed going to Crestwood as a pre-k student, I played in the little kitchen with my friends Bridget ,Jasmine , Zory and Tony, I was always the mom when we played in the little toy kitchen . I also enjoyed having nap time and being picked up at 2:15 by my big brother and our family friend Shad. The first 5 years of my life was the best time ever not having any homework, always having fun when around my family but most of all being in church.

In the middle of my little life I started elementary School at Crestwood in 2002 in kindagraden in Mrs.Tueroo class. That’s where I was discover and classified as the girl with the old spirit because I always was so supportive and always comforting everyone that always cried. Throughout my time at Crestwood I became close with a lot of people and I was always in school functions. I enjoyed time at Crestwood when I was a hard working little m girl I always was winning awards for perfect attendance ,citizenship, writing, mathematics and for a speech. The most joyful time was in 5th grade when I was apart of the chorus. When I was in chorus nobody could tell me anything I thought I was hot stuff. But the most saddest day in my life was when my 5th grade banquet it showed me that I’m really about to start middle school.

Also in the middle of my life I was a cheerleader for America all-star. I enjoyed my time being a cheerleader always having practice at 6pm on Mondays and Wednesdays ,in my little shorts with my cheer shoes and hair in pigtails. Being a cheerleader took a lot of work and effort. One thing you better not