Coming Of Age Case Study

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Coming of age can be a difficult process not only due to an acceptance of new experiences, but also moving forward from one's past experiences. This is certainly the case in heaven white is now 50 year old and she was born on December 10 1965 daughter of jose ruiz and maria ruiz . Heaven graduated high school at Miramar High School and attended Florida International University studying biomedical engineering. heaven was only 16 when she graduated from Miramar High School, and she was the youngest of her class. Yesterday I met with heaven to ask her about her experiences in high school and university that helped her come of age. heaven said that when she first entered high school she felt rather different and weird being the only 12 year old surrounded by many 14-18 year olds. she was in the International …show more content…
but later that same day her little brother was diagnostic with a tumor about a year ago and the doctor has been stabilizing the tumor with treatment but on that day they saw that the tumor was getting really bad so the decided that he had to get the surgery as soon as possible . Her little brother named toby didn’t want to do the surgery because he was afraid that it wouldn’t work but heaven decide to look up the probability that it might not worked on him because of his delicate body already. the next day heaven went up to toby’s room with great new that the surgery that they're gonna do on him doesn’t affect him even if he has a weak body. toby after that new was she said that he was so happy that he wanted to do the surgery fast and get it over the doctor agreed and decided to do the surgery one week from that day heaven was happy to hear that her little brother will be getting over the tumor that he has been having been having for over a