Coming Of Age In Mississippi Essay Topics

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The novel “Coming of age in Mississippi by Anne Moody” was very informative explaining Anne’s first-hand thoughts and memories of struggle growing up in a racist society and fighting the difficulties followed by it. Her family structure ends up breaking apart with mistreatment done by her uncle and the infidelity done by her father. Throughout the novel it explains her hardships, starting from her childhood till the civil rights movement and the relations she has between other civil rights activists such as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X and other activists. During Anne’s childhood she lives in the Carter’s plantation, which is later burned down by her cousin George Lee which takes care of her and her sister while her parents go to work. He did the deed out of anger due to other problems he had with Essie Mae and she got blamed for the burning down of the house. Then later, her parents separate due to the abandonment of her father for a “yellow mulatto” while her mother is still pregnant with his child. Her mother still managed to make it through the difficulties for her children. The strength shown by her …show more content…
Such as Martin Luther King Jr. he was most famous for his I have a dream speech and was a civil rights activists, mostly during the 1950’s who was later assassinated on April 4, 1968 in Memphis Tennessee. Anne moody as a relation to Martin Luther King Jr., she helped many black people in the south for voting, but most would be denied the right to vote, but she also published her famous autobiography “Coming of Age in Mississippi” which talked about the struggles she faced in the south. They were both non-violence activists. Another activist that relates to Anne moody is Malcolm X they both wanted black people to educate themselves. They also both fought for the bondage of the Negroes just in two different methods. The ultimate goal was for everybody to unite together to the stop of all