Coming Of Age Research Paper

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The Coming of Age Childhood is a time where children learn about the world around themselves. They see and experience many factors that influence their everyday lives, which help them grow stronger when they become adults. In “Girl” by Jamaica Kincaid and “The Lesson” by Toni Cade Bambara the characters within the stories learn valuable lesson with help them grow to become better individuals. In “The Lesson” the character of Sugar undergoes a realization that society does not treat everyone equally, that not every individual has the same opportunity and equality that they should have. In “Girl” the main character learns that she must be perceived as a woman and not as a slut, her …show more content…
In this story the mother of this girl is her teacher, she tells her daughter of how the world is around her, just like Miss Moore in “The Lesson.” The mother in this story tries to make her daughter realize that he needs to be viewed as a woman within society. Who or what the daughter is on the inside can be for herself, but on the outside she cannot let her actions give and impression that she is a slut to society. The mother says, “this is how you smile to someone you like completely; this is how you set a table for tea; . . . this is how to behave in the presence of men who don’t know you very well, and this way they won’t recognize immediately the slut I have warned you against becoming, . . .” (Kincaid 33). As this story progresses the mother lists various chores and behaviors she must do in order for her to remain a woman and not be viewed as a slut, “be sure to wash everyday, . . . don’t squat down to play marbles-you are not a boy, you know, . . .” (Kincaid 33). In this story the girl wishes to rebel against what her mother wishes for her to do, but she dose not wish to be viewed as a slut, if she doesn’t do everything her mother has taught her. Mother says, “this is how to make ends meet; always squeeze bread to make sure it’s fresh; but what is the baker won’t let me